Think, it's not always the brand it is some fancy word. The world's most famous corporations have fairly simple names are either formed from the first syllables of the name or names of your favorite fruits or reservoirs. Win - win situation- call the company on behalf of its founder. But it is only effective when the name is rare and memorable. If not, then you need something to add to it (combination of numbers, letters, or symbols) to make catchy, bitingly and accurately.
If your favorite names or name does not suit you to come up with a quality brand, decide on the specifics of your company. Very often the names of companies put short titles of the industries in which they are engaged. For example, RUSNANO, Gazprom, etc. Is that the place used abbreviation is the symbol of the company for many years.
Remember that very striking and well remembered not only for short words, but long enough names. Allowed for the brand to use three or four words.
Numerals, quotation marks, emoticons and other symbols, which can also help you to make the brand original and memorable. But here you need to be careful with the amount of characters used. If there will be too much, then it can lubricate the whole picture. It is therefore necessary to keep a delicate balance between numbers and letters. This will help your brand look and sound very irregular. However, when your goal is to shock people and so achieve popularity, of course, for you there are no barriers.
In any case, the brand needs to match what you are doing. After all, if everything is successfully thought out and designed, it is with this name people will associate your activity. And you will be working.
Create associations that occur when you hear a particular name. Stop your choice on the fact that more pleasantly and uttering, and when it can be heard. Try along with develop brand to come up to him and slogans. Then it will become clear whether you will be able to work with him.
Its present name. For this you need to collect a certain group of respondents who will assess the invented brand. It will be perfect if you'll be able to test its name. Try to use the product for which it is intended. If people make the Association, so everything is done and adjusted correctly. It can be argued the idea and start using it.