Vsheyte in a dress the zipper, baste the details of the dress and try it on to make sure that the dress fit properly, before treating the neck. The shoulder seams remove the basting to keep them open. The side sections of the dress process and sostrochite on the machine.
Will have plenty of cap piping the shape of the neckline and armholes of your dress. The width of obcutek should be 4 cm allowances for seams that need to be added to the total width of the piping.
Take the main fabric piping allowances, and the adhesive fleece or dublerin cut out without seam, just by the standards of the neckline and arm openings. Duplicate details obrazek doubleroom with iron.
Make one item for processing the front and two parts for machining of the back. The side seams on obtachka sostrochite on the machine, and then iron the seams on the product and on obtachka. Fold the piping, right sides together with the dress, carefully aligning the armhole, the neckline of the front and back of the neck with the relevant parts of obrazek and make small marks at a distance of 3 cm from the shoulder seams.
Baste the facing with the details of the dress, stopping at the outline marks made earlier, then the inside on the back of the dress fold the taped zipper and baste the neckline. Baste the facing to the zipper tape before reaching the seam vrachevanie, and then prostrochite on a typewriter the neckline and armholes of the dress, also stopping on marks shoulder seams.
Prostrochite neck backless so that the line of sewing the zipper inside. At the top of the zipper, and the fillets, divide the seam and turn the facing on the front side. Cut zautyuzhte on the wrong side, and then disconnect the inside piping of the shoulder sections, at the same time capturing slices of the dress details and the details of the piping. Put them together, baste and stitch.
Zautyuzhte shoulder seams, turn the dress on the front side and sew the exposed areas of the openings. Spread the facing and cut the excess allowances. Pin the facing inside neat kerchief. Treatment of the neck is finished.