You will need
  • - the details of the dress;
  • - fabric for podkralas bakey;
  • - scissors;
  • - chalk;
  • supplies for sewing.
This neckline is usually tailor has almost finished product. In any case, before to start processing of the cut, you need to find a dress or blouse, stitch the side and shoulder seams.
On the middle line of the front mark the depth of the cut. On the reverse side of product connect this point with the beginning of each of the shoulder seams. At this stage the line is better not to ask, and simply cut around the chalk or soap on the line.
Make an incision from the neck to the intended point on the shelf. Try on the product. If necessary, adjust the notch depth. The toe is not yet cut.
Take Podkayne details on the planned lines of the neck. To do this, under the cut put a piece of the same fabric, aligning the wrong side of the details. Lay the seam "traps", then cut the stitches and carefully detach the parts. Swipe on the "snare" line. You have turned the corner. Draw lines parallel to the already existing, at a distance of 4-5 cm from them. Cut out detail.
Make Podkayne detail and backless. It is an arc. Baste Podkayne details at the shoulder seams and sew.
Fold the workpiece face. The lower edge podkralas details you can just bend on the wrong side and press.
Baste the item to the dress or blouse along the neckline. Must match angles and seams. Sostrochite details. Cut out, retreating 0.5 cm from the seam.
Incise the corners podkralas and the main parts, leaving a seam of up to 0.2 cm, the fabric in these places is not collected and not his neck. Remove Podkayne detail on the wrong side of the dress and zautyuzhte seam.
Baste the outer edge podkralas details. Pristrochite it and zautyuzhte.
This neckline can be processed and edging. Take a transverse strip of cloth. Its length is equal to the length of all the joints of the neck, the width is twice the width of Kant's prepared, plus 1 cm for seams. Fold the strip in half lengthwise, right side out, fold and zautyuzhte. In this case, the neckline on the dress is done as soon as you connect the side and shoulder seams. Take also Podkayne detail.
Kant baste around the perimeter of the cut. This is done at the front of the unit. Align the sections of the edging and neckline.
From top, apply Podkayne detail, wrong side up. Align the corner of the neckline, shoulder seams. Baste Podkayne detail and pristrochite. Seam Ratatouille from the front side.
The free edge podkralas details bend on the wrong side and zautyuzhte, as in the previous method, and then baste it and pristrochite.