Enter the hook between the edge loops from the left shoulder seam. Provarite the first loop, positioning it front and back to get you on the hook are formed from two loops. Make the hook yo yo and pull through two loops. Repeat this type of strapping along the line of the neck, not yet tied her entirely. Special attention to accuracy bakey pay at the curved areas of the neck.
Also you can purl into the bake of the neck chain stitch. To do this, follow along the edge of neck chain stitch, and tie the neck with a hook from the left shoulder seam, inserting the hook into the loop of chain stitch and pulling the thread. Continue to process the chain stitch in a similar way across neckline.
Another method of treatment of the neck hook is a seam lobster step," which can be applied not only to one-piece knitting, but also for the processing of the edge. With lobster step you can neatly knit into the neck , even for those products which are made of thin and soft yarn.
This bake will keep good form, and will not stretch. Enter hook from front to back and knit left to right instead of right to left, tying the neck – to move in this direction until you tied the whole line of edges. Tying the neck of a lobster step, fasten the thread. Region, treated this way, it will look original and decorate your product.