Common forms of neck

The configuration of the cutout can be varied. The shape of the neck is selected based on the facial oval, chubby fit models with a triangular neckline, the owners of square faces need to choose dresses with round neck.

In knitted dresses used round neck under the throat, but he goes to very few people. To afford this form of neck can women who had a thin short neck. Classic can be called "jewelry" scoop, it looks modestly, gracefully, elegantly.

Varieties a rounded cutout:
− deep scoop neck – the most popular fora neck dresses;
− cut-ballerina – equally broad and deep front and rear;
− U-shape − round low neckline visually shortens a long face and lengthens the neck.
For fancy evening dresses good choice would be the neckline different configurations – a circle, a wide triangle, square. Cut Anzhelika evening dress exposes the shoulders to the clavicle, draws attention to the chest expands the shoulders.

Quite popular in women's clothing triangular cutout, it visually increases the height, lengthens the neck is a good choice for a low dam. Configuration in the form of boats leaves open the upper part of the shoulders and fits women with wide hips.

Interesting model − cowl or "swing". With such a neckline sew dresses of soft, well-draped fabric. This is ideal for owners of small Breasts. But not enough to make beautiful neckline, to have and to accurately process.

Treatment of the neck

Carefully processed neckline lends a neat appearance. Cutouts can be finished in several ways. The first method is suitable for the oval neck and is that the slices are processed piping (bias binding). Take Kant on the bias at an angle of 45° to the grain lines. Length equal to the circumference of the neck, make the width of 4-6 cm Fold the strip in half along the entire length and zautyuzhte.

Stitch the edge of the strip so as to obtain a closed circumference. Fold the product and facing right sides, to equalize the slices. Baste and sew by machine stitching at a distance of 1 cm from the edge. At the curved areas of the seams nadsekite allowances. Obtachku loosen up and at a distance of 0.1 cm from the line of primaqiune the face of the lay line for the education of percent. Fold it into wrong side, press. The free edge of the edging strip fold so that it overlaps the seam primaqiune and secure with a machine stitch inch (0.2 cm from the fold.

The second method is treatment of the neck podkralas a facing − suitable for a triangular cutout. Will cover the piping for the front and back width of 4 cm the shape of the neck. Sew details together. The outer section of piping sewn on the serger. The finished detail put the product inside out, sew, departing at 1 cm from the edge. Finish Unscrew the wrong side and attach to the allowances of seams on the shoulders. Can the top edge to lay a finishing seam.

The third method is recommended for treatment of neck pumps. It consists in the fact that the handle facing the back of a shelf, and then sew shoulder seams. For processing square and curved necklines and finishing details cut out the shape of the neck, making sure grain lines on the product and facing match.