You will need
  • Software Jet Screenshot.
If you still don't know how to create screenshots in a standard way, try pressing the PrintScreen button. Then run any graphic editor and in a new file perform the operation "Paste from clipboard". After saving image it can be uploaded to the server, for example, Radikal and get the link to this picture.
But in some cases requires the creation of more images of the desktop, rather than just one shot. The use of standard tools is considered to be an irrational activity, so use the possibilities of new programs. As an example, will be considered a utility, Jet Screenshot.
Firstly, you will need the installation files of programs that you can download from the official website. Click the link below and click Download Now. Since the program takes a little space, its download will go fast. The installation utility must be in normal mode, using the prompts of installation wizard.
After installing and running the program, its icon appears in the system tray, also called tray. Just right click on the icon to select the desired area of the screen. Once you release the left mouse button, all the rest of the space will be darkened, and the screen displays a small toolbar. Here you can choose tools edit image: add text, highlight the text, crop the image, etc.
After editing the screenshot, you must click the host an image online — the image is automatically saved, and you will receive a link to your screenshot. Highlight the link and copy it to the clipboard. Now you have a link to insert your image on any page of the website.