Annually hand over the General analysis of blood and urine, even if you have no complaints about the state of his health. Of course, they clearly indicates the presence of a tumor, but some deviations can alert the doctor, with the result that he appointed an in-depth examination. If you feel unwell tests can be taken more often than once a year. Sometimes this simple precaution allows time to identify the tumor and remove it before it metastasize.
There are specific tumor markers that can detect the tumor from the blood. But this method is not used for primary diagnosis as cancers, and thus tumor markers, - a great many. Screenings for all is simply impossible. Therefore, this analysis is only administered when suspicion of a particular type of cancer.
Annually pass ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity organs. It reveals a tumor that has a minimum size and no worries. In some cases, the doctor can detect enlarged lymph nodes, which in large quantities can indirectly indicate cancer pathology.
Women over 40 are recommended to undergo annual x-ray examination of the breast - a mammogram. This kind of research allows us to identify the tumor in the early stages.
Women of any age twice a year you need to see a gynecologist. Specialist can diagnose the beginning of a cancer or to detect unfavorable factors that may lead to it. Also useful is ultrasound examination of small pelvis organs once a year.
Immediately contact your surgeon or oncologist, if you detect swelling in a particular place. Especially should guard education, which appeared for no apparent reason (trauma, inflammation, infection). Also the reason for the visit to the doctor is a mole that suddenly started to grow or change color. This seemingly innocuous symptom can indicate a skin cancer - melanoma.
The most difficult to diagnose a tumor located in the head. Often it does not cause concern until you grow to impressive sizes. Preventive study of the brain in most cases is not carried out. Therefore it is necessary to listen carefully to their feelings. If you are plagued by constant headaches, had problems with coordination, concerned about nausea and vomiting occurring in the morning on an empty stomach, immediately consult a neurologist and get a referral for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).