Any tumor, including brain tumor, can be malignant or benign. However, the absence of cancer cells means that human life is not in danger. Benign tumor is less dangerous than malignant, as those and others are able to compress brain tissue and cause disruption of vital functions.
The main symptom of brain tumor is headache. Cheerleaders, if it is enhanced by the morning and accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Despite the fact that these symptoms do not always indicate the presence of tumors, they have a greater proportion of patients with an established diagnosis. Get tested to rule out a brain tumor.
A brain tumor sooner or later begins to cause disruption of vital functions. What are the symptoms that manifest - depends on the location of the tumor. For tumors of the frontal lobe may deteriorate memory, in parietal lobe tumors often cause seizures, tumors of the temporal lobe can cause hallucinations and occipital - coordination disorder. In addition, can dramatically deteriorate character, reduced ability to concentrate, you experience numbness in the limbs, disturbed speech, hearing or eyesight. If you find yourself or a loved one any of these symptoms, contact your doctor.
Identifying the symptoms is only the first stage of diagnosis. Further examination should be done under expert supervision and preferably in a health-care setting. Contact your neurologist. He will carry out an initial inspection and provide an objective assessment of your condition.
Make an appointment with the optometrist. Often, the fundus examination can reveal abnormalities, indirectly pointing to the tumor.
Go through computer or magnetic-resonant tomography. These studies allow to give a precise answer about the presence or absence of tumors. To obtain a reliable result may need to be administered a contrast agent. To learn and can be diagnosed in half an hour after the test. Whatever it was, it should be remembered that the brain tumor is not a death sentence. In some cases, complex treatment allows to permanently cope with the disease.