Causes and symptoms sipili

The main reasons for the appearance of these warts is excessive moisture of the feet, reducing the protective functions of the organism. To prevent the re-emergence of Shiphi, you need to stay healthy. Pay attention to your feet. If your feet often sweat, get a special tool to combat it. After a shower and a bath, wipe dry feet. Wet Slippers and socks – the best environment for the development of the virus.

Stick to the rules of hygiene, in any case, do not wear someone else's shoes. To detect chipego is not difficult, it makes itself felt piercing pain. And to distinguish it by eye from regular corn can only specialist. Chipiga covered with keratinized tissue (like corn), but on the inside it has filiform papillae, which grow out of the foot. Features chipiga the lack of skin pattern, color fabric yellow healthy skin, sensitivity reduced.

If you touch the plantar wart hot or cold, you practically will not feel anything. But if chipiga pressure, nerve endings warts are quite actively react. The reason for the development of the virus can be a stressful situation, exacerbation of chronic diseases or acute viral diseases. The weakening of immunity due to constant fatigue or poor lifestyle, can be a reason for the victory of the virus. Microtrauma of the skin often become a prerequisite for the entry of the virus. Potential risks and pedicure and manicure rooms and bath.

Treatment sipili

The first thing you need to consult a dermatologist for advice. Proper treatment should be carried out in several directions. You need to fight the virus. The doctor should give General recommendations for strengthening the immune system (proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle). Limit the sore spot against pressure and friction. Select suitable shoes, wear cotton socks.

To cure chipiga in the beauty parlor or medical center by burning off with laser or cauterization by liquid nitrogen. Cryotherapy – the procedure is painless after a few sessions the wart begins to die. Scars then you're not. Often practiced removing sipili using products based on alkalis or acids.

Traditional treatments sipili

Traditional medicine offers to treat chipiga with the help of horseradish leaves. To do this, carefully wash the leaves and finely chop (you can chop using a blender), cover with water. Cover the bowl with a lid and put in a couple of days in a cool place. Then soak in the resulting solution socks and put them on top feet wrap with plastic and put on another pair of socks. Leave this compress on the night. In the morning wash your feet. Repeat this procedure daily until complete removal of warts.

Take a small onion, peel and grate on a fine grater. Pour onion gruel of vinegar. Stick to the problematic place a band-aid with a cut-out opening, which should correspond to the diameter of sipili. Put the pulp on the wart and cover with another band-aid, leave on overnight. In the morning remove the poultice, rinse the skin with warm water and soap. In just three treatments you can get rid of Shiphi forever.