Transplant fir recommended in April, before Bud break. In the autumn of this can be done from late August to late September. Fir is shade tolerant, so planting suitable for both shady and Sunny location. However, the tree is typical of the crown only with adequate lighting.
For transplanting fir choose moist but not waterlogged, well-drained loam. If the area will stagnate water, it can lead to slow tree growth, as well as to defeat various fungal diseases.
Approximately 2 weeks prior to transplantation is necessary to prepare a seat — make a hole, paraglide her and fill the nutrient mixture. First dig a hole the depth of 60-80 cm, its width depends on the size of the root system of the tree. If the soil is heavy and clay, at the bottom you need to make a drainage of broken bricks or broken stone laid in a layer of 10-20 cm.
Need to paraglide to the bottom of the pit to a depth of 10-15 cm and fill it halfway with a mixture of leaf soil, humus, river sand, peat and clay soils. Then you should add 10 kg of sawdust and 200-300 g of NPK. The filling of the pit is mixed well and sprinkled a mound, it sprinkled on top of garden soil that contains no fertilizer.
Spread its roots horizontally, and silver fir planted in a pit and covered with garden soil. The seedling need to move so that its root collar was on the ground level. The distance between the fir trees in the avenues should be approximately 4-5 m, in groups — 3-3,5 m, hedges trees placed in a checkerboard pattern. After the transplant, the fir requires abundant watering, and in the spring spraying.
Young fir trees need regular loosening the soil to a depth of 10-15 cm, and weeding. Followed by mulching tree trunks with a layer thickness of 5-8 cm of wood chips, sawdust and peat. Young plants need shelter for the winter, and protected from late spring frosts. For this soil in the tree trunks circle filled with peat and dry leaves, the layer thickness should be 10-12 cm Crown fir covered with spruce branches.
2-3 years after transplanting are recommended to pay regularly in tree trunks 100-125 g/sq. m Kemira-universal. Watering need only moisture-loving species of fir in dry weather pour 15-20 liters of water for each plant. But we should not get involved in irrigation, because the fir is contraindicated waterlogging.