A Christmas tree in home conditions you can grow in two ways - from seed and seedling. A sapling can be purchased at plant nursery or a Botanical garden.
To grow a tree from seed, it is necessary to collect seeds in the forest ate. Best time for collection is autumn. If you want to grow a blue spruce, the best time to collect seeds of this variety.
After collecting, the seeds should be placed in water for three days. The seeds should swell, after which they can be planted in the ground.
Seeds should be sown in boxes or pots. Land it is best to take under those trees, where you collected the seeds. Planting depth is not more than 5 mm. Seedlings should appear in 20-30 days after planting.
You can also put the pots with seeds outside. If all goes well, then the crops will start to arise already under the snow, and with the onset of spring you can see young shoots.
It so happens that in the first year, seeds do not germinate. Don't throw away the boxes because prokleivanie plant next year.
As soon as the tree grows, it is necessary to pay special attention to light and watering. Remember that conifers do not like intense light, from him they turn yellow and wither. The best option for young trees - scattered light.
Small eating need regular spraying, watering them during this period is not necessary, as excessive watering may lead to rotting of plants.
Fledgling tree can be translated into "adult" mode: it abundantly watered (about every three days) and ensure that the room where grows the tree, it was cool.
After two or three years, the spruce can be transplanted to the garden, where she will continue to please your eye, because in nature these trees can live to 300 years and reach heights of 40 meters!