You will need
  • lemon, dried sifted flour
You have acquired the cream in the store, but she was not thick, but liquid, like pancake batter? Often under the cover is the product not of the consistency that corresponds to the percentage of fat indicated on the package. A liquid cream the most frustrating Housewives who have to come up with different ways of thickening or again to run to the store.
To avoid a mess, try at the counter recognize a quality product. Manufacturers often add in the sour cream with different thickeners in the form of powdered milk or vegetable fat. Real sour cream shall consist solely of two components, cream and yeast. And the shelf life of this product is 5-7 days.
To check sour cream for the presence of artificial thickeners, dilute a teaspoon of the product in hot water. Mix well. Quality cream will completely dissolve in water, and the product is manufactured using various chemical additives to form on the surface small white lumps.
If you want to make the cream thicker in the home, it is best not to rely on store-bought thickeners. They may contain dry milk or modified starch with the addition of powdered sugar. By the way, the hostess needs to give the density of sour cream or cream often use starch, dissolved in water. And this can cause problems with digestion, because starch raises your insulin levels.
Instead of thick sour cream, home use of dried sifted flour. Its amount depends on the consistency of sour cream you want to achieve. Add the flour into the sour cream in half a teaspoon and mix well until the product thickens. Another way to make sour cream thick – add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. After five minutes, the product will thicken and will be ready to eat.