You will need
    • sour cream - 500 g
    • sugar - 1 Cup.
Get your sour cream with fat content not less than 20%. Take a pan, on top put a fine sieve or put a thick towel. The right amount of sour cream, lay out on a sieve or a towel. Leave the pan with sour cream in refrigerator overnight. This process is necessary in the preparation of the cream. He removes the cream from the excess fluid. Plumb sour cream affects the quality and consistency of the finished cream.
Remove the cream from the refrigerator, it should become dense, and the liquid remains in the pan. Liquid is nothing but the serum that later can be used for pancakes and other baking recipes.
Chop the sugar powder. This can be done in several ways. For example, using a grinder or a blender. In their absence you poured sugar on confectionery paper, put on top another layer and roll with a rolling pin several times. You can also use a mortar and pestle, but in this case, the process will be more time consuming.
Mix sour cream and sugar. Use the mixer for best result. Enter the powdered sugar in the cream gradually. Ideal finishing cream whipper - non-liquid consistency that will stand in the bowl (like a well-whipped whites). Be careful when you use homemade sour cream in cooking cream. With strong whipping, it will turn into butter.
Promazhte cream layers cake, pre-soaked in his. This cream can be used for cake decorating, for example, using a pastry syringe.
Diversify the cream. Add the vanilla to impart a delicate aroma. Or chop fruit or berries and add in the whipped cream. For example, strawberries, cherries are ideal for this recipe.