You will need
    • butter
    • pan with thick bottom
    • glass jar for storing oil
When peretaplivanii of butter evaporated water and milk proteins. Due to this significantly lengthens the shelf life of this oil is cleaned from impurities. By the way, this oil can be used in food to people who can not tolerate lactose.
First, prepare the oil. Suited cream unsalted butter with fat content of more than 80 percent. Rather it was the homemade natural oil, then you can be sure that there are no chemical additives and margarine.
To melt down the butter, take the saucepan with thick walls and bottom. It is necessary that the oil in the process of peretaplivanii does not burn.
Butter cut into small cubes and add to the pan. You need to achieve softness. Leave it for a while the pan at room temperature. For about an hour.
Put the saucepan on the stove and make a small fire. Melt the butter. So it is not burnt, stirring occasionally trying to melt the larger pieces.
When the oil is completely gone the liquid begins to boil, be very careful. Should immediately remove the fire so that the oil continued to boil, but barely. No gurgling and no vicepa.
On the surface of the oil will begin to appear foam. Gently remove it with a slotted spoon, trying not to stir and not let the foam go down.
Continue to cook the butter, occasionally removing from the surface of the foam. It contains harmful substances that were in the oil, so the longer the melted butter sauce to boil, the tastier and healthier it will be.
To melt down the butter, it will take about an hour to two hours. Follow the foam. When it is formed smaller, it is possible to remove the pan from the heat.
Carefully strain the oil into a clean glass jar, not shaking. At the bottom of the pan should remain a precipitate. The Bank also oil is clean and almost transparent.
After the oil hardens, it will turn yellow and become thick with cereal consistency.
Store ghee in the refrigerator it is not necessary. In a cool room it will not spoil for a very long time.