The division of classes into groups

The lesson of technology classes are divided into two groups: boys and girls. This happens for obvious reasons. Technology lessons teach children to manual labor, which will help them in later life. The labour of girls is significantly different from the labor of the boys. In order not to mix the two different spheres of activity, classes are divided into subgroups.

The lessons are in different rooms. Each group has its own teacher. As a rule, the teacher of boys male, and female — female.

Technology for girls

Economics is called technology lessons for girls from the Soviet era. The name of the item received for what he teaches. The task of Economics is to help girls learn the knowledge and practical skills that are useful on the farm and in the home, as well as to develop children's independence and many other qualities that you must possess every girl and woman.

The Economics program includes several sections: hot room, sewing, cooking, care of clothing. The entire program is designed for seven years, starting with grade 5 and ending with 11. Classes are held 1 time a week and last 1 hour.

In the first half of the 5th grade girls learn with your sewing machine, make patterns and independently try to sew the simplest things. Every year the complexity increases. The sewing in each class vary from 23 to 58 hours.

Starting with the second semester of each school year, girls are taught to cook food. First, there is familiarity with kitchen equipment and utensils. Every year the program becomes more difficult and teaches you to cook dishes of varying complexity, ranging from vegetable sandwiches and finishing basic fish and meat dishes. Obligatory component of each lesson is a theoretical part, during which the instructor introduces students to safety, and demonstrates the product.

Technology for boys

Technology lessons for boys and girls are radically different. Starting with the 5th grade, the boys bring these men who are masters of all trades.

5th-11th grade boys are taught to work with different materials and tools. Initially they are introduced to the materials in principle. Tell properties of wood and metals, and also show what tools they are treated.

Since the 6th grade, under the teacher's guidance, the boys begin to work independently with the materials. Initially, an acquaintance with the tree. In practical classes the teacher teaches us to make stools, and teaches techniques that are best to use when working with wood.

By the end of 11th grade boys can make a wooden plane to turn any toy on a special machine, and perform a decorative carving. They have skills in handling materials and work with them.