Apply ice immediately after impact. Under the influence of cold blood vessels contract and less blood gets under the skin. Applying ice, you reduce the size of the bruise and can reduce pain. A day later the hematoma has formed a view and want to apply a warm heating pad. Under the action of heat is vasodilation, and they carry the blood accumulated fluid and blood cells. Do not use heat after impact, as will achieve the opposite effect.
Use for rubbing into the hematoma creams with vitamin K. Vitamin K - Antihemorrhagics vitamin that prevents bleeding. RUB the cream as often as possible, immediately after the injury and as long as the hematoma does not disappear. Don't take vitamin "K" inside it will have no effect. For the vitamin work, the desired sufficient concentration.
Accelerate the healing of bruises concoctions is the most fast tool. Dissolve the powder concoctions until pasty state and apply for a hematoma. Keep until all the water evaporates and lotion won't dry out. The procedure is repeated twice a day. You can use ready-made drug concoctions sold in pharmacies.
Chop the herb of wormwood until the juice. Put on the hematoma with a thick layer. After drying the slurry, rinse with water, as the effect is in the wet state. Speeds up the time to get rid of bruises under his eyes.
Apply crushed plantain leaves - they well satisfy the pain and anti-inflammatory effect.
Use green onion in the form of a slurry, apply to the injured spot. You can use onions with salt, wrapped in cloth. Well relieve from bruising, but the strong smell limits the application of this method.
Grind flax seeds, place them in a pouch made of cotton fabric. Immerse the pouch in boiling water, then gently apply to the bruise and allow to cool. Repeat the procedure for two days and three times a day. A black eye quickly pass.
Be sure to consult a doctor if the hematoma does not resolve the procedures. Your doctor may prescribe physiotherapy, prescribe a healing ointment or to carry out the operation.