It is often necessary to run multiple applications simultaneously. But there are programs that automatically cover the whole screen, obscuring and blocking access to desktop and other applications. In such cases it is usually necessary to close the program, go to the desktop, insert another, then re-run the first. This option is not very convenient. There is a way by which you can minimize even the "newarchive" app.
At startup, each application is displayed in two places: directly on the desktop in the workspace and in the "start" in the form of app icons. To curtail this program in three ways. By clicking on the appropriate button in the program window. This button is in the upper right corner of the application window. She left, and it shows the sign " - ". Programs minimized by clicking on the program icon in the start menu". When pressed, the app will minimize, press again to deploy the program window. In addition, to minimize the application through the context menu. Click at the top of the program window, right-click, and select "Collapse", after clicking the app is minimized.
In order to minimize a fullscreen app, use system keyboard shortcut "Alt + Tab". This combination allows you to quickly switch between all open Windows on your computer. Press and hold the "Alt" key, together with this press "Tab". At this time in the center of the screen a small window will appear that shows the icons of all open Windows and running programs. Pressing the tab key will move the cursor to the desired program and release the buttons. The selected program will unfold. In addition to applications, this combination can minimize the game.