Most modern games have a built-in windowed mode, set to by selecting the corresponding option in the settings. To do this, open the main menu section "Settings", "Settings" or similar. Select "Window mode", "Start the game in windowed mode?" or similar. Check the box to confirm selection.
Sometimes detailed game settings are started a separate label that can be called Game Config, or Game Option Settings. He is in the game folder.
If the game menu is not provided enable windowed mode, use ALT+Enter when the game is running. Many programs react on this team and minimized from full screen mode to windowed.
Windowed mode can be set using command-line shortcut to the game. To do this, create a desktop shortcut of the game required or select an existing one. Right click, select "Properties". Find the line with full address of the game. For Example, C:Program FilesBest GameGame.exe. At the very end after the closing quotation mark put a space and add –window. Most games successfully perceive this mark and run in a window.
The above method, in rare cases there may be a significant disadvantage. It happens that the game, once when a command is run in windowed mode, remembers it as the default, and even after deleting the notes –window still continues to work in the window. To return the ability to run full screen mode, you need to add is –window overlay –full screen.
Some games need a special command. Find them usually on the manufacturer's website in the support section. In addition, if the game has tested the official windowed mode, methods to enable it, too, will be described on the developers website.
Unfortunately, to run the game in window is not always possible. For example, if the minimum provided for by the developers of the game equal to the current resolution of your screen. In such cases, any manipulation of the game, most likely, will not lead to a positive result.