How to display a button "Minimize all Windows"

In Windows XP and Vista, the button automatically appears on the quick access toolbar on the left. To install the control panel, you right-click on an empty area of the taskbar, select the tab "Toolbar" and then "Quick launch".

In Windows 7, the button "Minimize all Windows" is always displayed in the right corner of the toolbar in the form of a nondescript rectangle.

In Windows 8, by default, the code folding feature of Windows disabled. To display the icon "Minimize all Windows" you need to click the right mouse button in the tray. In the appeared window "taskbar Properties" in the tab "task Bar" to mark the last menu item and save the changes by clicking on button "Apply" and "OK". "The eight" fast folding Windows displayed at the end of the taskbar.

How to install the button "Minimize all Windows" after its removal

In Windows 7 and 8, the function "Minimize all Windows" is the system and remove it is almost impossible. In versions of XP and Vista, the minimize button of the Windows can be easily removed. It often happens that the icon is being deleted by user accidentally, and it cannot be restored. However, there is a way to recreate it. To do this, in Notepad, create the following text:


Then save the file as "show desktop" extension .scf to your desktop. Saved the file, drag it to the quick launch toolbar.

Other ways minimize Windows

Minimize all Windows is possible with keyboard or mouse even if the button "Minimize all Windows" is removed. This alternative function of folding the same for all versions of Windows operating system.

So, you can use hot keys. Using a combination Win+M all Windows fold and unfold with the key combination Win +Shift+M key Combination Win+D is also used as a button "Minimize all Windows", with the first click minimizes the window, and re – expands.

Another option to minimize the window press the right mouse button on the task bar. In the resulting window you need to select "Show the desktop" - so you minimize all open Windows. To return the window to its normal position, again press the right mouse button and choose in the appeared menu "Show all Windows".