Settings most games allow the user to choose what mode the application should run in fullscreen or window. To disable windowed mode, go to the menu of the game. Go to settings (Options) related to the management interface.
For each game the names of the menu items and commands may be different, look for the option where you can switch the type of Window/Full Screen ("Window", "Full screen"). Confirm new settings by pressing Enter or "Accept" button ("Edit", etc.). If changes did not happen immediately, restart the game.
In some cases, the window of the game settings is not being called in the game, and from the directory where the game is installed. Before you start the game, open this window via "start menu" or go to the folder with the game files and click on the appropriate icon. Make your changes and apply the new settings.
Another option assumes that the user originally set for the program to windowed mode, writing is the label of the file run the application. Check to see if the file name start the file extension has the appearance of not just .exe, and is displayed as follows: .exe" –w.
To return to full-screen mode, you need to edit the extension. Just right click the shortcut file to run the game, in the drop-down menu, select "Properties", clicking on it left mouse button. Click on the "shortcut Properties" and remove the extra entry at the end of the line, located at the "Object".
The edited entry should end with the extension .exe. Click on the "Apply" button in the properties window for the new settings took effect. Close the window by clicking the OK button or the X in the upper right corner of the window. Now your app will run in full screen mode.