To prepare the browned flour in large quantities, sift it through a sieve, pour on a baking sheet or pan with a layer of approximately 2-3 cm and stirring with a spoon, fry on a slow fire or in a preheated to 100-120 degrees in the oven until then, until the flour acquire a yellowish tint.
To prepare the browned flour in a small amount, just put it in a clean, dry pan or on the pan, put on low heat and stir until then, until the flour is lightly browned. Remove from heat and continue to stir to cool down the pan and flour. To do this it is necessary, as the hot pan may give the flour an uneven tone. Passerovannoy pour the flour into a dry jar, cover and store in a dark place.
To sauté the flour with the fat, put the fat into a clean Cup and heat on a slow fire. Then sprinkle in the required amount of flour and, with continuous stirring, warm everything until the mixture takes on a thick consistency yellowish.
To prepare sauteed with butter, use only pre-passerovannoy on a dry pan flour (as above). Then take 400 grams of margarine or butter and melt in the pan. After stir in 2 cups flour and stirring constantly, sauté the ground on low heat for 5 minutes. Pour the prepared mixture into a glass jar, cover, cool and refrigerate for future use.