Cooking sweet toppings

To prepare a simple dressing of flour you will need: 2 tbsp flour with slide, 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp butter. Mix in large bowl flour and sugar. Then add soft butter. Carefully RUB it with flour to make crumbs. This is the topping for the muffins. In order to stay on the surface and not fall, it is advisable to grease muffin beaten egg. Subsequently, the product can be baked in the oven.

In order that the topping was more flavorful, add in flour, 1 sachet of vanillin. Sprinkle on some time to place it in the fridge it will freeze and it will be better to keep the shape. Sometimes in a dressing add egg yolk, then it is more viscous and sticky.

For sweet scones as a topping choice regular sugar. To stay on the surface, sprinkle it on the frosting. For originality, the sugar can be colored with food dyes. The chocolate topping is very popular. For its production are grate one piece of chocolate or a few chocolate candies. Sprinkle grated crumbs only cooled biscuits, otherwise the chocolate will melt and it will spread.

Sweet topping you can make from scraps of dough. Smash them, then grind and sift. Sprinkle on rolls, brushed with the egg or frosting.

Topping from nuts, seeds, and other components

To prepare walnut topping, take 50 grams of almonds, 50 grams of hazelnuts, 50 grams of peanuts, 50 grams of walnuts. You can combine nuts in its sole discretion. Grind all the types in a mortar and fry without adding oil. Use the topping to decorate the top surface of the rolls and the sides of the cakes. Please note, this dressing must be uniform. For this screening the crushed nuts through a sieve and grind again. Apply topping on rolls with paper envelope. Another very convenient to sift the sprinkles straight out of the sieve.

Delicious topping can be prepared from the seeds. Use cumin, caraway, anise, or sesame. You can pre-fry the seeds in vegetable oil until Golden brown. Then they can sprinkle the product after baking. By the way, this dressing is more suitable for savoury scones. If desired, you can use the larger seeds, such as pumpkin.

Another great topping for sweet rolls - finely grated cheese. Sprinkle it on hot products after baking. The cheese will melt and spread nicely over the surface of the rolls. If you add it before baking, it forms a crust of bread with the original taste.