Young mistress, seeking to please the family with delicious home cooking daily to try to cook something new. There are many recipes suitable for cooking healthy food for the whole family. But inexperienced Housewives are some of the descriptions of the cooking process can confound.

Culinary terms

It is sometimes difficult to understand what can mean some of the words that characterize the treatment of the products. If the word "fry" is somehow understandable, terms such as "fry" and "stew" usually do not understand or are confusing. But it's not the same thing. The onion means easy frying the finely chopped vegetables in a small amount of fat. Vegetables sauteed process need to stir constantly so that each individual piece was covered with fat. And propuskanii can be described as "boiling".

Stew means to conduct heat treatment of the products with use a very small amount of liquid. The liquid is water or own juice should just barely cover the products. For dishes in which you propuskanii, it is advisable to choose a tight-fitting lid.

What foods sprinted

Not to be confused with propuskanii cooking. Decoction involves bringing products until cooked in a large amount of water. For poaching liquid is required in a minimum amount, and pot it should be close. Products in this are not cooked, but as it warmed up. Heating is necessary to maintain very small.

To embarrass not only vegetables, but meat, and cereals, but at the mention of the recipe more often we are talking about vegetables. Willingness steamed vegetables – when they are not boiled, and a little crispy. Willingness cereals – when it becomes crumbly, but not as cereal. Stewed meat should be well protectice fork.

Stew meat or vegetables should be in water, sometimes add a little oil. Mushrooms treated in its own juice. Chicken or fish sometimes sprinted with the addition of the broth, lemon juice, wine.

Apart from the usual poaching, that is shallow, there are deep propuskanii. It is closer to the boiling, but it is produced on a very small fire. This gentle method of boiling is used for foods, having a delicate flesh. If you need a deep propuskanii for products with firm flesh, fire slightly increased, but so that the broth does not boil. During processing the products thus they are completely covered with liquid.