You will need
  • - 1 Cup of milk;
  • - 2 eggs;
  • Sol;
  • - 1 Cup of sugar;
  • oil;
  • - garlic;
  • - dried or fresh herbs;
  • - white bread or loaf.
To prepare this dish, take white bread, cut into slices with a thickness of approximately two centimeters. To feed a family of three, enough to take 10 pieces of bread. In a separate bowl, pour 1 Cup of warm milk (you can pre-heat it in the microwave) and add 1 Cup of sugar. The resulting mass mix thoroughly until then, until the sugar is completely dissolved in milk. In a pan pour vegetable oil, put it on the fire and wait until oil is hot.
When oil is hot, take each slice of bread, dip it in sweet milk, and then put in a hot pan and fry from both sides on slow fire until Golden brown. Usually it takes about four minutes. Be careful when you turn soggy pieces of white bread did not collapse, and retained its original shape. The finished dish can be served with cold milk or hot tea.
The second method of cooking similar dishes are also quite simple, and it consists in the following. Buy in store or white bread, replace it with one loaf. Carefully cut the bread slices of medium thickness. One can roughly take the same 10-12 pieces. In a separate bowl break 4 two eggs, add 1 Cup warm cow's milk, 1 teaspoon of salt and all carefully mix. Some people, even in a salty mixture of milk and eggs prefer to add a spoonful of sugar. Alternatively, you can pour crushed dried dill or parsley.
In a pan pour a small amount of vegetable oil or put a piece of butter. Wait until the temperature becomes high enough, and then take each slice of bread, dip it in milk and eggs, and then fry on a slow fire just as did white bread and sweet milk. The finished dish can be sprinkled with grated cheese durum or finely chopped fresh herbs. If you refused to add to egg-milk mixture of sugar, you can put a couple of crushed garlic cloves. In addition, fry your French toast, you can not only in butter or sunflower oil, but olive, nastoyanka on the Basilica. It all depends on flight of your imagination and the products you can find in your fridge.