You will need
  • Paper;
  • - the range;
  • pencil.
Feel like a real designer, draw a sketch of the room on paper. Imagine how it will look rearranged furniture. All the objects depicted in the scale in the corner or front run.
Take a white A4 sheet, prepare a pencil and a ruler. Draw a rectangle, but not in the middle of the sheet, and a little higher. Draw to scale, like 1:30. If there is room - 30*4*3M., the sides of the rectangle should be 9*8*4 see Mark the corners of the drawn rectangle with the letters ABC.
Draw the horizon line, it should be at human eye level – somewhere 160 cm from the floor. On the paper mark of 450 mm up from the points A and G. draw a horizontal line across the sheet with a pencil of a different color.
Go to term. The point of "gathering" for Vista should be on the horizon. Do not specify the location too far from the center of the room, designate a point, for example, So
Mark walls, ceiling and floor. Swipe diagonally from the corners of the rectangle ABC to the point of "gathering" So What are the lines AD and GE.
Define another vanishing point. It is needed to build a grid on the floor. To do this, connect via the direct point D and point d, the resulting guide line to the intersection with the "horizon".
Divide the line segment AG into several parts. Width of room is 3 m, then each part will be equal to 1 m, Divide the line DE on the same equal parts. These designations connect with a new point of "gathering". You have formed the intersection point through which we must draw a parallel line.
The resulting cells is the scale. Each cell is one square meter, but only in a ratio of 1 to 30. Position in this space. Draw a sofa, chairs, table, consider a frontal perspective.