You will need
  • computer;
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • eraser
Starting to draw, remember that at the interior ofω understand architectural forms of the premises and the complex equipment of these premises so that everything is interconnected and harmonious. Imagine for a start an ordinary box or draw it on paper. At the far end it determine the location for the door. This is the entrance to the room. It should be noted according to the following scheme: imagine that you are standing in this room, your eye level should be approximately three quarters of the door.
How to draw <strong>interior</strong> <b>rooms</b>
Now imagine that the far end of the box is the opposite wall of the roomyou're looking. The level of the eyes, and hence all lines, leaving the space must pass in the middle of the wall at your eye level marked on the door. This will be called the vanishing point.
In order to transform internal space of the box in interior, it is necessary to draw walls, floor, ceiling and Windows. All they need is on the lines that pass through the vanishing point. It is now possible, according to the lines already drawn Windows and doors, arrange furniture in the room. You can use the special computer program AutoCad. It in three-dimensional space can be drawn what should be furniture, what length and width it should be, what elements it is still possible to combine. The advantage of working on the computer is that, creating a pattern in three-dimensional space, you can easily twist, consider all sides and move as if you are already in a real room.
How to draw <strong>interior</strong> <b>rooms</b>
Don't forget in your drawing the interiorand paint and a numeric value. Such as the height from floor to ceiling, the total area of the room, diagonal from one wall to the other, etc. This will help you accurately depict objects and scenery, and will also allow you to calculate how much you have the floor space and how many square metres you can afford to take in this room, so as not to overload its excesses.