You will need
  • - application form the form Р14001;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - all-Russian classifier of types of activity.
Take the application form about modification of information on the legal entity contained in the unified state register. On the first page of the approved form insert the name of the tax Inspectorate at the location of your enterprise, as well as the code of the registering authority.
Write the full name of your organization in Russian language in accordance with the Charter or other constituent document. Specify personal data of a natural person, if the legal form of your company is an indiekind ofevery single entrepreneur.
Enter primary state registration number of your company in accordance with witha viewethelston of state registration issued to you when you create your company. Enter the date of number assignment.
Write taxpayer identification number in accordance with witha viewethelston reason code of statement on accounting in tax inspection as the payer of taxes in your chosen system.
On the second page of the request form put a tick in paragraph 2.13. "Information on the kind ofAh economic activities". On the sheet N of the form indicate the name of your company. Select from the all-Russian classifier of the forms economic activity code, any occupation that you decided to implement in your organization. Enter it in the first column of the table. In the second column write the name of the viewand activities.
Be aware that first you need to write the kind of activitiesthat you already do, if it was not changed. Code for the above classification need to enter so that was written at least three digits.
If you open more than ten kinds of activities, complete 2 sheet N statement, if more than twenty – 3 sheet and so on.
Taxation in kindfrom the activities going on depending on the selected system. If you prefer that created a viewfrom economic activities to pay taxes under the simplified system, then make a statement about the transition to USN and pass it to the tax authority. Accordingly in "vmenenku" or the overall system.