You will need
  • - statement Р14001.
Purchase or download from the Internet application form Р14001. If you're going to fill out the application by hand, do not use pens with different color paste, avoid mistakes, corrections and erasures. If you fill the document in electronic form, don't leave important fields blank. Filling out a form simultaneously printed and handwritten text are not allowed.
Specify in the first page of the application with all the necessary information about the company in the right field place a marker explaining what changes in the types of activities the company contributes (adds or removes). If the firm adds new activities and eliminates old, uncheck both boxes.
Specify the codescorresponding to the selected types of activities according to all-Russian classifier of economic activities (OKVED). When adding new activities, go to sheet N. If you exclude the types of activities open the sheet A. In that case, if the primary activity does not change, check the first line of the dash. Start typing additional (or exclude) activities in the second row.
If you want to add or exclude codes OKVED you don't have enough space on one sheet, create a second (third) leaf N or O. In each code must be at least three characters, and the names of the activities must fully comply with the wording given in the classifier.
Complete the worksheets with information about the applicant, never signing. Do not bind the leaves. Contact the notary office for certification form Р14001. To assure the document has the applicant. One should have a passport. Keep in mind that the services of notarization is paid.
A certified application form submitted to the local tax authority by mail or submit personally not later than three working days from the date of the decision on amendments to the principal activities of the company. Keep your passport and, if required, a power of attorney.
After the changes are made in the Unified state register of legal entities, will receive a certificate of amendments and certificate of incorporation with the tax authority. Contact the SSC by providing the employees with a copy of the new certificate, extract and (if necessary) the constituent documents of the enterprise. Get new letter SSC.