The first time a company (or individual) is faced with codes in OCMD when choosing them at check-in and fills in the application form of the established sample for submission to the territorial tax body. The company must indicate their primary activities and, if necessary, additional types.
To provide data to the local tax authority enter the codes by OKVED on the appropriate sheet on the application form. The main activity type in the first row, additional species in subsequent rows. When completing the application, keep in mind that each code must be at least three digits.
Opposite the entered code, please type it in the transcript, using exactly the same wording that is contained in the all-Russian classifier of types of economic activity. OCMD can be found in bookstores or on the Internet. In the network this information is contained on many sites, for example, on the website at or If you are missing one leaf in the form of a statement, create a duplicate sheet and continue to enter your desired activities.
After registration activities in accordance with the law the company is obliged to obtain the information letter of the state statistics Committee (Roskomstat). Contact territorial bodies of statistics and accounting, with a certificate of registration, certificate of incorporation and constituent documents of the enterprise.
In the letter the SSC will be registered by your company codes according to NACE deciphering. In the future when filling out documents, enter codes according to NACE (transactions, loans, and so on), use the received information by letter, that is, enter the data as indicated in the letter of Goskomstat.