You will need
  • -a sheet of paper;
  • computer.
To start correctly set the page to the title page had a neat appearance. On the left side of the sheet make a greater indent, because you must leave room for binding. Even if you just put your essay in a folder, don't forget to indent on all sheets. Reliability is better, set the following margins: left – 3 cm, top and bottom – two cm, right indent and a half to see
Now go to the font selection. The font size for standard labels is better to choose equal 12, but the name of the abstract highlight the large font. For better readability use font Times New Roman, which is considered the standard for registration summaries and other works. Then highlight the name in a different color or in italics.
If the essay devoted to the work, it is better to make the title unusual. Don't be afraid to use different styles, but consult with your teacher. When the essay is written on serious topics, do not spoil the overall impression of frivolous decoration.
To complement the title sheet to make a beautiful frame. Just choose a frame or surround with classic patterns, as bats and hearts overcame inappropriate on the front page of serious work.
Now, make the frame the desired text, which should be placed strictly according to the rules. Top neatly write the name of the educational institution in which you prepare the abstract. In the middle of the page write the word abstract, which set the theme of your work. Then slightly back off from the name of the essay down and to the right. Here you specify who has prepared this work. At first enter your name, and then name the class and school. At the bottom of the abstract, specify the city in which the work was created, and then for a year.