You will need
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - forms of orders (form T-8 and T-1);
  • - application forms (resignation, appointment);
  • - forms of business letters (request, notification, response);
  • - The labour Code of the Russian Federation;
  • documents and printing enterprises.
When the initiator of the translation is the employer, the Director of the company, who wishes to take on the position of the employee, must write a letter of request addressed to the sole Executive body of the company, which employs employee. The letter prescribes the date from which the new employer intends to execute the employment specialist, as well as position and Department (service, structural unit), where a staff member is required. In the request the Manager can ask the current employer to write and direct the feature.
After consultation with the specialist Director of the company, where he currently performs his professional function of the employee should be sent a prospective employer an e-mail. In it he must write about your positive decision about the translation and to obtain the consent of the employee to such a procedure.
Now the employee is necessary to write addressed to the Director of the company, where he designed, statement. In it, he should speak his request of resignation from the company and transfer to another firm. The statement signed by the employee and endorsed by the sole Executive body.
When the initiator of the translation itself acts as a specialist, he needs to write a letter to the head of the organization. After this document Director of the company must send to the employer, which wants to go to work employee notification letter. It the sole Executive body shall notify the head of the company that the employee expressed his request to transfer to the firm, and shall obtain the approval of a specialist.
The procedure for dismissal from the company as follows. Issued an order (use form T-8), closed the personal card and an entry in the work book of an employee dismissal transfer. Information about the work reference is made to article 77 of the labour code, a stamp, signature of the responsible person. Accounting pay the required severance funds.
After receiving hands on work book specialist needs to write a statement, the Director – to issue an order (form T-1). Employment contract with an employee is on a General basis (without probationary period). Moreover, the employer may not dismiss an employee in employment that is regulated by the labour code. Violation of the law entails penalties.