First of all, refrain from any cosmetic procedures, do not apply makeup and do not use contact lenses until you finish treatment.
A common treatment is to apply a boiled egg can be improved. Apply something warm, not necessarily the egg. This will accelerate the rupture of the abscess.
Use the traditional remedy to treat eye problems – sleeping tea. As often as you can gently wipe the eyes dipped in tea with a cotton swab. You can also rinse the affected area with a swab soaked in boric acid.
Some suggest chewing inflorescences of tansy. Use several pieces and wash down with cold water. Do so several times a day.
Well help compresses of calendula. In boiling water pour 2 tablespoons dried calendula blossoms and let steep for about half an hour. Dampening the cotton pads with infusion, clean the eyes and leave for 10 minutes to lie on eye.
Similar action have packs of aloe. To prepare it, chop one leaf aloe, mix the gruel with a glass of cold water and leave for a few hours. That extract to moisten gauze and apply to the eye.
Brew Bay leaf 5 pieces for a quarter Cup of boiling water. This solution need to drink several times a day.
Has a therapeutic effect and this unpleasant medicine, like wiping a patient's eye with the cut clove of garlic.
Can be used for the treatment of lilac. Use the leaves of lilac. Rinse the leaves with warm water, chop all the leaves except one. Gruel put on a sheet and keep on a sore eye as long as possible. Repeat up to 7 times a day.
Use for the treatment of eyebright. Try putting the drops from it or prepare a lotion. Make a mixture of equal parts of dry herb eyebright and chamomile flowers. For 10 minutes pour boiling water. Gently wrap the resulting mass in gauze and apply to the affected eye hot.
Boil the crumb of the loaf in milk (per 200 g milk 100 g bread) and stir in bread mix 1 teaspoon of crushed leaves of plantain. Stir the mixture on gauze and gently apply to the eye.