You will need
  • - the mobile phone.
  • computer;
  • - the Internet.
Call from your mobile phone "Beeline" number 0770 (toll-free). Using the prompts of answering machine, please read the terms of service and tariffs applicable in your region. If you are satisfied, activate the service "Hello" by pressing the corresponding button of the phone.
Browse the catalog of available tunes and jokes on the website of "Beeline" If you like any of greetings, book it. For this, during playback, click on "Order SMS" - displays a code that you have send to number 0770. At the same time you can install a maximum of 50 various greetings. Send an SMS with a code you can even if not connect to the service "Hello" beforehand – it will connect automatically.
Record your own voice greeting for calling you subscribers. To do this, please call 0770 and 0778 or sing a song or read a welcome text directly into the phone. Please note that the record length should not exceed 30 sec.
Manage the downloaded songs in your personal account on the website To get the password for the login, enter your number in the designated field in the upper right corner of the page and click the relevant link. The password will be sent to you via SMS text message. Also manage your downloaded greetings are available by phone 0770.
Assign greetings to specific people or groups of subscribers using the "control Panel" in "my account". You can prescribe not only the melody but also the time when it will sound. For example, a birthday or just in the evenings.
Please note that if any subscriber of "Beeline" set greeting that you like, you can't look for it in the directory, just press it during a call, press " * " and selected the melody or the joke will be copied. If you have previously not activated the service "Hello", it will connect automatically.