You will need
  • Benefit flirt
  • Access guy of her dreams
  • Good mood
The first signal that you need to submit to the guy realized that you like him – smile. Smile at him often and widely open eyes, flapping eyelashes. A silent smile can sometimes say much more than any words.
Use your body language. Guys subconsciously react to it. Don't cross your arms and don't put their knees in his presence is to tell him that you don't want to communicate with him. Try to minimize the distance between you during the conversation.
You signal the guy that you like him – be nice to him. Even if you had not a good day, your mood leaves much to be desired – contain yourself.
Confess to him anything, share with him a little secret. This will further bring you closer together because now he knows that you trust him like no one else.
Give him a call and tell us about something you saw that reminded you of him. So that he knows you think about him, even when he's not around. And that means you cared for him.
The most reliable way to make it clear to him that you like him, flirt! Flirt with him more often. Touch his hand when he made you laugh to tears, hug him goodbye, get too close to him during a conversation. Very soon he will finally realize you're crazy about him.