On sale gelatin comes in the form of plates or granular powder. Used mainly in the food industry (production of marmalade, jelly and other confectionery products), in home cooking, in medicine (as a styptic), pharmacology (for the manufacture of capsules and suppositories), in photo - and the film industry (for the preparation of emulsions in the photosensitive layer).
Food gelatin, good rebuilding joints, as it is made from cartilage of animals and helps to restore cartilage in human joints. Performed such experiments: one group of patients with osteoarthritis were prescribed only medication, and the other in addition to medications, were given gelatin. As a result, the treatment of the second group was more successful.
It is recommended in the evening pour one teaspoon of dry gelatin in a glass of cold water (250 ml), add half a Cup of warm boiled water and leave overnight to swell the gelatin thoroughly. In the morning in the same glass put one teaspoon of honey, stir with the swollen gelatin and fill the glass to the top with boiling water.
Then move well and drink this mixture in the form of heat and preferably on an empty stomach. Make the gelatin in this form are required courses for ten days (with the same break). In addition to the restoration of the joints when taking gelatin strengthens the structure of nails and hair. Gelatin is also useful in losing weight, it is a kind of second in this case as well restores and tones lean muscle mass. If the taste of the drink seems unpleasant, then you can try to add a few drops of lemon juice.