First dissolve gelatin in cold water, and then a little warm. In principle, to dissolve the gelatin indicated on the package. And be sure to pay attention to the shelf life of gelatin, because expired products can spoil your culinary work.
To dissolve food gelatin for cooking chicken jelly, take 1 tablespoon of gelatin, pour in a deep bowl and pour 1 Cup of cold chicken broth. Leave for 30-40 minutes for swelling. Then pour in the gelatin 2.5 cups of broth and put on fire. Constantly stir so gelatin granules are completely dissolved. To the boil do not bring it.
To dissolve the gelatin to make jelly soak 15 grams of gelatin in half a Cup of cold water and leave for 1 hour. Then add to it 1.5 cups of any juice, it must be heated to 60 degrees. Put on a slow fire and stirring constantly, heat for 15-20 minutes. Pour into jelly moulds and refrigerate for 4 hours.

Fruit jelly is one of the favorite delicacies of children. Gelatin can increase blood clotting, but is contraindicated in cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it can cause allergic reactions, therefore, to introduce it in a child's diet should be very careful.
To dissolve food gelatin for the preparation of cream for the cake soak 15 grams of gelatin in 1 Cup of cream and leave to swell for 2 hours. Then heat the mass in a water bath, stirring constantly for 10-15 minutes until complete dissolution of grains of gelatin. Allow it to cool. Separately, whip 2 cups of cream into a rich lather. Add 3 tablespoons of powdered sugar, a little vanilla and cooled gelatin. Again whisk thoroughly. Gelatin cream ready.