You will need
  • Gelatin powder or plates
  • The water is boiled.
If gelatin powder, put it in a bowl, pour in 4-5 tablespoons of boiling water or the fluid which should be in the recipe – milk, fruit juice, etc. Mix gelatin with liquid and let stand, its granules have to swell and increase in size. If the gelatin in plates, then it must also soak in water for 5-7 minutes, then drain the water and lightly wrung out of a plate of gelatin, put in bowl.
It is best to cook the gelatine in a water bath. To do this, boil in a pot of water and cover it with a bowl of gelatin. Stirring constantly, slowly heat it. Temperature gelatinous weight should not exceed 80oC. The more you stir the gelatin when cooked, the better it then will harden.
When gelatin is almost all melted, remove the bowl and strain the liquid gelatin through a fine sieve, and undissolved granules and films should stay on it.
Now you can add gelatin to hot liquid, which should be in accordance with recipe – fish or beef broth, juice, or fruit juice. Mix well, pour into forms, cool to room temperature and refrigerate.