You will need
  • - gelatin in granules or plates;
  • - cold water.
Is the gelatin in the granules and plates. The plates get soaked easily, dosed, and almost odorless. But it has one significant drawback – the price. The gelatin granules are much cheaper, but longer swells, it is more difficult to introduce into the dish. In addition, the product of Russian production of a specific smell. Although most people do not notice this odor in the finished dishes.
How to make gelatin plates? Measure the desired recipe number cooking product. To do this, weigh it or count a few records. The weight of one plate is usually indicated on the package, the average is 3-4
Soak the plate in a large quantity of very cold water for 5-7 minutes. In the warm season in better water add ice. Otherwise the gelatin will melt too much and you will not be able to retrieve. Soaking time may vary slightly depending on the thickness of the plates.
Then remove the swollen plate from the water and wring excess moisture from. Enter the gelatin in prigotavlivaemy warm dish, stir well.
Typically, such a gelatin is highly soluble and does not require additional straining. Put the dish in the fridge to harden or you can add other ingredients according to the recipe.
To prepare the gelatin granules, measure out required amount and soak in cold water. A soak time of about 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of granules. Water temperature in this case is not so fundamental.
The swollen granules are difficult to separate from water. Therefore, the water for soaking take in the ratio of 7:1 by weight of gelatin.
When granules will absorb water and become soft, warm, stirring the mass over low heat until dissolved. You can also use the microwave, setting the weak power of the microwave radiation.
If necessary, filter the resulting solution through a fine sieve and add prigotavlivaemy warm dish. Then follow the cooking recipe.