You will need
    • gelatin
    • cold boiled water
Instant gelatin pour in the amount of water indicated on the package. Normally it is diluted in the proportion of one part of gelatin to five parts water. The water should be cold and boiled.

Leave the gelatine for 10 minutes for dissolution. Then pour it into the hot strained broth for the aspic. Stir well. Again strain the broth is not required.
Pour into a bowl of cold water. Pour the packet of gelatin. The proportions on the packaging look. Leave gelatin to swell. After 30 minutes, place the bowl with gelatin in a water bath and completely dissolve. Remove the meat from the broth. Pour the dissolved gelatin into the broth for aspic, bring to boil with constant stirring to the gelatin does not stick to the bottom and not burnt. Strain the broth.
Dissolve the gelatin in Cup of cold water, let it swell. Pour the mass in a ladle, add the hot broth and bring to a boil. Constantly stir the liquid in the pot so the gelatin is completely dissolved. Pour in broth for aspic 10 minutes until tender. Leave the pan on low heat. Strain the broth.