Remember, do not bother whether you have periodic pain in the stomach? If so, consider whether there is the feeling of heaviness in the stomach immediately after a meal? If the answer is positive, then such symptoms are an indicator of the acidity.
For the acidity characteristic few signs: frequent heartburn, belching with sour taste, constipation. If these signs are peculiar to you – go to the doctor, most likely, you have increased the acidity of the stomach.
Low acidity can also easily identify a number of features. If you are concerned about the taste of copper in my mouth constantly, no appetite, a little nauseated in the morning, all these may be symptoms of low levels of stomach acid. In addition, the low acidity is unpleasant burp "rotten egg", frequent rumbling in the stomach and diarrhea.
Of course, all of these symptoms only first signs of disturbance in the acidity of the stomach. However, this may lead to serious diseases, such as gastritis or ulcer. So call us promptly to the medical care and advice.
You can check the acidity of the stomach with the help of litmus paper. A couple of hours before food put into the language of pH litmus paper for a few seconds. For accurate results this test is necessary to spend six to seven times within a few days. If the result is from 6.6 to 7.0 is an indicator of normal acidity. If it is below the 6.6, it will lower the acidity. Above 7, 0 – increased concentration of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice.
If you suffer from persistent pain and discomfort in the stomach and immediately go to the doctor. Perhaps you begin the development of serious disease which requires immediate treatment. The correct picture of your health can only give a medical examination, which is prescribed by a doctor.