Remember, when appear the most severe, aching, pressing, but not cramping nature of the pain. Pay special attention to the pain arising half an hour after eating or at night. Often in such persistent pain brings relief vomiting, which occurs without the previous feeling of nausea.
If you have described in the first paragraph the symptoms, then be sure to specify the location of pain. Ulcer of the stomach it felt right at the level of the lower ribs or top of the abdomen in the region of the xiphoid process. Under such prolonged pain can lie on your stomach, then they gradually pass. To determine the ulcer of the stomach allows also the seasonality of pain, which are characterized by spring and autumn aggravation.
Don't forget to measure the temperature, which should not be increased. Normal human body temperature ranges from 36.4 to 36.7 degrees Celsius. Identify and body weight, which in ulcer of the stomach is greatly reduced.
About possible stomach problems, think and torment you heartburn or sour belching (but not rotten), as well as frequent delays of a chair. These symptoms are often attached excessive hunger and increased appetite, along with which there is intolerance to fatty or spicy foods. Disgust or complete refusal of food, not even after vomiting.
To identify ulcers of the stomach and help indirect signs: fatigue, excessive sweating, dizziness and severe weakness, intense salivation, unpleasant bitterness in the mouth in the mornings, psychological discomfort (anxiety or severe depression, depression).
In the presence of the above symptoms to confirm the diagnosis, contact your doctor for directions on the fibrogastroscopy and analysis of gastric juice. Endoscopic examination will not only confirm the presence of ulcerative defect in the mucosa of the stomach, but also to determine its localization.