You will need
  • — the form of sick leave;
  • — documents of the enterprise;
  • — seal of the organization;
  • — documents of the employee;
  • — information about the insured employee's seniority;
  • — staffing;
  • calculator;
  • — accounting documents.
The front side of the sick-list is completed by a physician of the medical institution. They fit personal information of the person being treated, age, the name of the company where he works currently. Spell the name of the medical organization (or is it a stamp, if available), specify its code stamp.
On sick leave indicates periods of incapacity of the citizen. Each of them is certified by the signature of the attending physician (with reference to his specialty and last name). Date from which the employee must commence his official duties, written in words. When a person is sent for treatment in another medical institution, the latter starts a new sick leave. Filled sick sheet entered the room continue.
The flip side of the sick-list is populated with the employer. Timekeeper or personnel officer entered the company name, Department, service, which issued the employee. Specifies the period of incapacity for work of a specialist, the date of return to work after sick leave.
Headhunters calculated the length of the insurance record of the employee. It includes periods of work, during which employers were made insurance payments. Fits the number of complete years, months, and days of seniority the employee. The count shall be certified by signature of the head of personnel services.
Accountant for the payroll fit % of salary (the tariff rate) worker. It depends on the employee's seniority. If the experience is less than a year, the benefit is calculated on the basis of 30% if 5 to 8 years – 50% if 8 to 10 years – 80%, 10 years 100%.
Is determined by the average daily earnings of an employee by dividing the actual earnings for the accounting period by the number of working days in the period. The amount of the benefit depends on the daily wages (tariff rates) and the number of calendar days of incapacity to work. The benefit cannot be below the established minimum wage that is regulated by legislation.
Sick pay is coming partly at the expense of the employer, and partly from the social insurance Fund. The total amount fits into sick leave, spell the month in the billing statement on which it is included. Sick leave shall be certified by signatures of the chief accountant (with date).