If you don't know the name of the movie, but remember the approximate time of broadcast and the channel on which they watched a film, you can open the program on the website, or and selecting the desired day and channel, to see what the film was shown at this time. If the show took more than a week, you better try to find on other sites, where the television is kept a few months, for example and
But what if you don't know the broadcast time and channel on which they watched a film? Perhaps you know the name of the actor or actress played in the movie. In this case, you can try to look for the name in the following "Kinopoisk" - or "Cinemania" - On these sites you can type in search the name of an actor or actress and in the opened page, in the section "Filmography" find the right movie. Every movie from the list will open in a new page and you will be able to see not only the description of the film, but footage of him.
If you do not know the names of the actors, you can learn the name of the movie, asking other Internet users, on the thematic resources or Formulate your question so that based on your description of the passage of the film that other users can identify you are interested in movie. Then send your question and within a short period of time you will certainly respond.