Define the search parameters. Restore in the memory of the story, write it down. Determine the genre of the film. If possible, specify in its records the names of the Director, involved actors, or the soundtrack (the name of the composer, lyricist, or at least a few words of the songs used in the film). You must understand that the more information present in the records, the more likely that you will be able to know the name of the movie quickly.
Search for the name of the movie posters in cinemas or in the tops of the best movies, if the picture is new. For this in any search engine enter the word "bill", select the category "movies," and then click on the "past". Here you will be asked to sort the movies by date of the show or by the first letter in the title of the film. Clicking on "description" you will be able to see the plot of the film to reconcile with the search. Or search enter "top movies", choose a category (Comedy, romance, horror, etc.). In the list choose the most likely name of the desired movie and click on it. Saw a familiar picture, the name of the Director or the actor? This is what you were looking for?
Type in a search engine the name of the film Director, or actor. For example: "All the movies of Gaidai's" or "Movies with Nikulina, to find. Here lists the descriptions of the movies you'll find need and if you want you can download it.
Insert restored in the memory part of the song that is used in the original film. For example: "... one for all, we pay the price, to find. Find – music and words by B. Okudzhava, from moviefilm "Belorussian station", and footage from the film.
Don't worry if you don't know the name, lyrics or other details. You have a story – that too may be enough. In the search engine type "how to find out the name of the movie for the story". Click on the "ask a question". Insert the text of the story to help. Experienced web users will answer your request. And while you are waiting for a response, review the information on the list in the "search questions and answers" - perhaps someone has searched for a movie that interests you.