If you remember from the description of the film , the names of the main characters, with the help of search engines you can try to find your film. Use queries like "the hero" + "sample genre", or key words from the film (if a film about ghosts, then it is necessary to add the word "Ghost")
A good option is to go to one of the forums filmgoers and cinephiles. To create a theme with the description of the film , and wait for the answer. Usually, there are people who have seen more movies last year than you in your whole life. They will certainly be able to help you find out the name.
If you know one of the actors who played in the movie, is to find his filmography. There are specialized sites, which describes in detail the career of that particular artist. Look at one of these all movies of this actor and you will surely find the movie.
Effective method will be to use your accounts in different social networks. Create a new message or a status with the description of the film and asking for help. The more friends you have, the more likely to know the name.