Use features of the popular resource "the Kinopoisk". The site contains a large database about movies of all times and peoples, which is perhaps one of the best in the world.
In the upper right corner of the home page, find the search bar. It will be located under the link "Advanced search", which you need to click. Page opens with a powerful search engine of any film. Specify the available categories that you can remember about the movie, only you need to indicate valid data, because even the slightest error in any of the fields will not lead to success.
For the desperate there is a keyword search. Just type what you remember in the movie, separated by commas. For example, the movie "Titanic" such words are: ship, love, drama, disaster.
After filling the fields click on the search button. Loaded a new page with a list of found movies. If there will be a lot, try to change your search criteria and thereby reducing the list. After that, click on the links to the film and read its description, reviews, see stills from the film, etc. to Find any movie via the website "Kinopoisk" will not be difficult, it would wish.
Collect all the thoughts about this movie and describe the plot, what you remember. Let it will be excerpts, ugly and just strange, but to write it must. Three, four paragraphs with introduction, main part and conclusion. The main thing — to squeeze out all that applies to this picture.
After the text is ready, go to "film Forum". This site lovers of communication on the theme of the movie. The most experienced of its members have reviewed thousands of movies and remembers their names and story. Their experience will help you to find the movie "sits" in your head.
Virtual communication can replace the real. It does not need to register on the forums. Enough to take yellow directory of your city and find the large rental center and go there. In professional shops such as professional experts and it is possible these people will be able to help you.