With the current abundance of various TV series to find the series is not so simple, especially if all the information you have is a rough description of the plot. In any case, you'll need to know the name of the show because without it, the quest may be futile.

How to search?

To find the desired scene, use the Internet. The probability of success directly depends on how you form your search query. Try to formulate as clearly as possible description: do not try to recount everything, it is enough to recall one or two important points, which usually, and plot construction of the series. Note that in search engines there is a limit on the request size, so formulate it as succinctly as possible. Feel free to use the names that you remember. This greatly increases the chance to find exactly what you need. If the storyline of some serials have a tendency to repeat the names of the characters and place names are usually unique.

When the episode some of the famous actors, try to start the search series with his filmography. Sometimes this method gives better results than search by description, especially if the actor participated in the show as a guest star.

Matching sites

If you search in regular search engines gives nothing, try to turn to specialized resources. Most TV shows have fan sites or groups of fans in social networks. On these sites you can find a list of all released episodes with a brief description of each of them. In addition, you can ask a question in one of the special topics in the forums such resources: in most cases, this is a separate thread where fans of a series to help each other in finding the right series.

On many sites, allows you to watch TV shows online, there is the possibility of commenting. Given the number of viewers, you are likely to fairly quickly receive a response, if you ask a properly worded question in the comments.

Finally, the desired series can be found by reviewing the articles on the series. The Internet has many online encyclopedias, contain detailed descriptions of the series as a whole, and plots of individual episodes. The only disadvantage is that while searching you may accidentally learn the development of the storyline of the series (including series unread by you) and lose interest in it, so ideally it is desirable to know at least the season in which there is a specific episode.