Look at articles 23-24, 26-28 Civil procedure code of the Russian Federation, which reflect the distribution of responsibilities. Magistrates hear cases relating to:- divorce;- the issuance of orders;- the use of the property;- material disputes, etc. the courts of first instance are the district courts, so the bulk of the decisions on points of claim shall be made within their walls.
Find out the address of the defendant, because the statement of claim filed at his place of residence. If you are going to sue the organization, then take a basis of its whereabouts. When there are conditions preventing your departure to the defendant's place of residence, it is possible to apply to the court for your geographical area of course, if there is good reason. For example, as factors hindering the movement, it is considered poor health, trauma or injury, presence of young children.
At the place of residence of the plaintiff could be considered claims for:- the protection of consumer rights;- restoration of labour, pension, housing and other rights;- damages;- termination of marriage in the absence of disputes about children.
Go to the website and select the appropriate menu item. For example, if you need to find court the land court, then hit "Judicial sites of world judges" and fill out the form. To search for information about district courts from the home page go to the "Federal courts of General jurisdiction."
Follow the proposed link to the page judicial district. There you will find detailed information about the procedure for filing a claim, a schedule of foster, learn address and phone number and the name of the judge responsible for the territory entrusted to him.