The law provides a certain form of petition. Write in any form, but following some of the rules established in judicial practice. The document should be approximately such contents: introduction (data of all persons involved in the case); a description of the circumstances of the case; the essence of the claimed petition; a list of the enclosed documents.
In the header of the document, write the name of post and name of the official to whom you are applying with a motionC. for Example, the world judge of such judicial district. Next, specify your details: name, address. The petition is drawn up in 2 copies, one of them the office puts a mark of acceptance.
In the main body describe his appeal to the judge. For example, a request to provide the case materials for review. Describe your requirement, according to the law, and in particular paragraph 2 of article 78 of the code of civil procedure of the Russian Federation, you are asking the judge to grant you the opportunity to get acquainted with all case materials and copy them. Reinforce their demands the legal framework, Recalling the provisions of the law.
After the description of all their requirements, write a list of attached documents. Next, put your signature and date. The number of copies must equal the number of persons involved in the case.
You can also file a petition that you disagree with the list of witnesses involved in the case; for the admission of additional documents; assistance of counsel; on the postponement of the consideration of the case. In any case, the judge can simply deny your application and may require additional documents to confirm the facts specified in the petition.