For filing the application provided for by the law both written and oral form of appeal to the court. In any case, such a statement requires serious motivation. Therefore, the first step in this process will be preparing the documents application. It can be the testimony of witnesses or the results of the examination, etc. it is best to convey them in writing, previously registered in the office of the court.
Prepare a motion in writing, but subject to all requirements that apply to its design. The document must contain in the preamble the name of the judicial authority and details of the parties (plaintiff and defendant), located in the top right of the A4 sheet, specified in the form "to" and "from whom". Next, write the case number and the subject of the proceedings. In the main part of the report motivating circumstances that are stated to the study or presentation, and the actual purpose of the treatment (what confirms or refutes the stated document). Sign the petition (only allowed signature of authorised persons) and the date of its publication.
Pass the petition to the court during the judicial session. This can be done after the appeal judges to the parties the question of whether any statements of the parties. In this case, pre-registered in the office of the court, the petition will be submitted to the judge, announced at the meeting and the fact of this statement will be recorded in the minutes judicial session. In case you will not be able to personally attend the court hearing, send it in advance by mail of the Russian Federation with notification of receipt.